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A Safe Place to Grow

It’s important for every child to have access to a safe and positive learning environment. The Club welcomes hundreds of kids every day in its After School Program, where they can work on academics, build life skills, and have old-fashioned fun. 

  • Available from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday
  • For members ages 6-18
  • Transportation from school
  • Healthy snacks
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Club Membership & Program Fees

  • Members must be between the ages of 6-18 (5 year olds allowed if attending kindergarten).
  • The annual Club membership for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada is $60 per member. 
  • The monthly After School Program fee is $40 per member. 
  • The weekly Before School Program fee is $25 per member. (Note: This is only available at the Carson City location.)
    • Fees are not prorated.
    • Monthly spots are first come, first serve.
    • Payment of the monthly fee is required to reserve a member’s spot.
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A Place for Everyone

Every child deserves a safe place and open-minded community to build their self-confidence and explore new interests. Each day, the Club empowers kids to play, to learn, and to thrive through a wide range of activities.

    The Arts

    These programs are carefully crafted to cultivate our member’s creativity and provide them with a positive outlet to express themselves. Through a variety of enriching activities, children can explore various artistic mediums and discover their unique talents. Some of the activities include painting, photography, pottery, and music.

    Health & Life Skills

    In these programs, kids learn more about how to take care of themselves. Curriculum is carefully crafted to help members adopt a healthy diet, make smart lifestyle choices, set personal goals, and grow into successful, self-sufficient adults.

    Character & Leadership Growth

    These intentional programs help nurture and shape children’s personal qualities, values, and skills to become responsible individuals and effective leaders. They focus on fostering positive character traits and providing opportunities for children to develop leadership abilities. Members are empowered to become compassionate, responsible, and influential individuals who can make a positive impact on their lives and their community.

    Education & Career Development

    Through highly interactive programs, members stay on track academically, experience new learning opportunities, and develop a plan to achieve their goals. They are also introduced to various career options, are able to explore their interests and talents, and gain the foundational skills and knowledge necessary for future career success.

    Sports, Fitness, & Recreation

    These programs promote active lifestyles, healthy competition, and an understanding of teamwork and cooperation. They will develop physical fitness, reduce stress, gain an appreciation for their peers and the environment, and promote a positive use of their leisure time (let’s cut back on screen time!). Through practice and guidance, members learn to embrace the values of fair play, exhibit good manners, and exemplify positive behavior both on and off the field.

Words from Our Club Parents


  • “Boys & Girls Club has been so great for my kids. The staff is wonderful and caring. It’s a safe place for them to go and makes for a good transition between the upcoming school year with friends as well as exposing them to fun and interesting things. They look forward to it every day during the summer and every day after school.”