BGCWN The Voice of the Club

The Voice of the Club – Vol. 8

A fifth grader at Empire Elementary has been attending X-Factor since 3rd grade, when asked how our program has affected her life, she stated “Without an after school program I would not be as motivated to do my reading homework. X-Factor has helped me improve my reading skills and I look forward to coming every day and continue to better myself”.  X-Factor provides a safe place for many students who have chaotic home settings, without X-Factor many students do not have access to a laptop computer or books to read at home.  She has nothing but positive stories to share about her time in the program. Because of caring and supportive staff, she now has more confidence and is doing well in the classroom. She looks forward to coming back next year and volunteer her time to help other students who struggle to read.

  • Ana Gonzalez (Empire Elementary Site Coordinator)


Today (Thursday) was the last day of Dolphin Club for the school year.  We had some amazing students this year but one girl really stands out.  She is a second grader.  I first met this young woman at the Boys & Girls Club last summer.  She was a sweet little girl with a TON of energy and she hated staying still.  Once school started, her inability to sit still was reflected in her grades and test scores.  Her mother was able to get her on some medication that helps her to focus and we enrolled her in Dolphin Club in December.  She attends just about every day and has worked hard this year.  Her class took their Reading MAPs test last week and her score went up by 43 points!  Typical growth for a student is about 10 points.  She has become a success story in her classroom, the school and with Dolphin Club.  I was amazed to see the improvement and have bragged about her to everyone I know.  She is a prime example of what can happen when a child is enrolled in Dolphin Club and puts forth maximum effort!

  • Stephanie King (21st Century Program Coordinator)


This week being the last week of 21st Century programming, I have witnessed so much growth in the students in both academics and in character development. One specific student started the year trying to ditch SOAR, was lying to his parents and was generally a student who did not listen to his teachers or other adults. By the end of the year he enjoyed coming to the after school program, he has opened up to me and other teachers about his life and hobbies. He is truly a joy to talk to and makes his classmates and teachers laugh every day. He is receiving the most improved award this year at the 21st Century Awards Ceremony. He is just one example of how much our students get out of these after school programs and how important they are.

  • Alyson Christl (Mark Twain Elementary Site Coordinator)