The Voice of the Club – Vol. 24

Tyson is a very interesting young man. From the time he started attending the club to where he is now a dramatic difference. From trying to hit other kids and running away from the club, to being a respectful young man with a great relationship to most of the staff here. He is very helpful whenever you ask him and has a great attitude about it! I believe that all this youth needs are a little guidance and a person to just say hi to him on a daily basis and he can shine brighter than most of the other kids. He has a desire to be cool but doesn’t realize that he already is, or maybe just has the wrong idea of what cool is. Tyson has completely changed in my mind, to a boy who doesn’t know what to do and how to control his emotions, to being a positive impact on our other youth and staff!

  • Karl Immers (Athletic Coordinator)


Levi L. is a 5-year-old member here at the club and this young man has been through more transition and adversity than most people will deal with in their entire lifetime. However, the one thing that remains constant in Levi’s life is the stability and opportunity that the Boys & Girls Club provides for he and his family. Despite Levi’s adversity and family struggles he has found his niche here at the club in our Tech programs. Levi is incredibly bright when it comes to technology and S.T.E.M. and this talent actually got him recognized as our 2018 Tech Center Member of the Year. It was amazing to see Levi all dressed up and receiving his award on stage at the Governor’s Mansion and the smile on his face was all the reward that we as staff need to keep us doing what we do each day.

  • Matt Sampson (Director of Operations)


I am the Program Coordinator at the Carson Valley Branch. I get to lead Torch Club, Positive Action, and other classes for our members. We recently finished our Bullying SMART program, which taught our members what bullying is, the different types, how to identify it, and how to deal with it. At the beginning, I had many members that were shocked at what can be considered bullying. By the end of the program, all the members were so excited to make a change within our club and their schools. At the beginning of every class, the members always had stories that they wanted to share. They had so many stories about bullying that happened at school, how they stood up to a bully, they included someone who was left out, etc. It was such a great experience to see these members grow throughout this program and stand up for what it right. Our programming is more than just games or classes. All of our programs have such a big impact on our members, and it is such an amazing thing to see.

  • Melissa Scaramella (Program Coordinator – Carson Valley Site)