The Voice of the Club – Vol. 21

‘‘Twas a dark and cold winter night… a young child was cold and sitting in the corner, shy as could be and bold to make a vast new era of friendship!” The other day I was outside and a young boy was sitting in the corner, frustrated. Not a new child at all, but frustrated by his friends and the way they were treating him. His name is Tyson. He has had a history with the Club of being a bit of a trouble maker. He is an amazing kid and loves to play but sometimes his hyperactive self tends to get him into trouble. With a bit of guidance and advice on different ways to go about things, Tyson is definitely turning out to be an amazing little helper. By helping to give him stuff to do around the Club, he has changed from allowing his hyperactive nature to hurt people and not knowing how to express himself; to helping us around the Club and doing things whenever we ask and being a member that a lot of the younger kids look up to and want to spend time with. Tyson is an amazing kid who just needed us to shed a little light on his path.

  • Karl Immers (Athletics Coordinator)


When I first started coming to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada more than ten years ago, my biggest fear was meeting or trying to find new friends. Dylan W. started coming to the club about a week ago and was very shy and timid. Over the past couple of days, Dylan has made countless friends, ones he already knew from school and a lot of new friends. Seeing this quick and drastic change has made coming to work enjoyable day in and day out!

  • Julian Alvarado (Youth Athletics Lead)