The Voice of The Club – Vol. 20

Japheth S. has been coming to the club since he was little but I have only known him for about a year! He told me he likes coming to the club because he loves making new friends; it’s easy for him to find friends! He loves going to the MAC to play sports because he gets good exercise. Japheth is a good role model for the other club members because he never gets in trouble, or hasn’t since he’s been coming to the club. Japheth is usually quiet when expressing himself but is really outgoing when he hangs out with his friends. I believe the club is a great place for him because he not only makes friends really easy but he gets to get away from home and do what he loves, play sports!

  • Brianna Alvarado (Games Room Lead)



There is a teen that I’ve seen that has changed a lot within the couple of months that I have been working with them. Gabriella P. was constantly getting in trouble over things she knew she shouldn’t be doing. Over the past three months that I had got to know her she has been a good role model to many teens even her younger siblings. She participates with many activities and is always offering to help me clean. She also joined the Keystone club. She has a huge heart and is always finding a way to make people smile. Her smile and laugh will brighten up a whole room. Gabriella has been a good role model to many teens.

  • Sindy Barajas (Teen Program Lead)