The Voice of the Club - Vol 12

The Voice of The Club – Vol. 18

I have been with the Boys & Girls Club of Carson Valley for over five years. Over the past five years I have met many extraordinary young kids. Every child that walks through our doors have different personalities and characteristics that make them special in their own way. Today, I want to recognize four members of the Boys and Girls Club. Their names are Rory, Myleigh, Kaylee and Joseph Shatswell. Even though these four nine year olds are Quadruplets, they each have their own characteristics and personalities that make them who they are. Joseph is rambunctious and outgoing and always running around with his friends while Kaylee is shy and honest. Myleigh and Rory are both extremely artistic and you can always find them in the art area wanting to help in any way they can. They all may be different in many ways but there is one thing they all have in common; They are each very sincere, kind and over all, extraordinary young children who are always willing to share a helping hand.

  • Taylor Lambert (Carson Valley Unit Director


I have been with the Boys and Girls Club for three years and have seen many kids come in and out of our program. But Alysia is a very special child. She is full of energy and always wants to be involved in everything going on around her. She can be very obnoxious at times, but she never means any harm. Before I worked in the office, I was the art coordinator and I got the privilege to do an art project with her every day. She would come in telling me about her day and talk to me about any problems she had. When something was going on at the club, I was the staff she always came to. One night I was talking with her mom, and she had told me that Alysia was writing about me in school and telling everyone about the impact I had on her. I never realized that I had such a great influence on her and that she looked up to me so much. I am so thankful for getting the chance to know her and to mentor her through her time here at the club.

  • Melissa Scaramella (Carson Valley Program Coordinator)


In my 16 years with the club I have seen a lot of kids lives changed for the better because of their involvement and membership with Boys & Girls Club. Recently I have seen this lived out in the life of a young girl here at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada. Jaleesia is an eight-year-old girl and in her short life, has been through more than anyone should ever have to go through in her life. Certain circumstances in her life have led to Jaleesia having behavioral issues and several signs/symptoms of P.T.S.D. Because of her involvement and membership here at the club, we have been able to get Jaleesia partnered with our on-site licensed therapist to provide counseling services. In the short time that Jaleesia has been meeting with our therapist, she has already begun making significant improvements in the area of behavior and communication.

  • Matt Sampson (BGCWN, Director of Operations)