The Voice of the Club - Vol 12

The Voice of the Club – Vol. 16

Robert has been coming to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada for about 4 years with his older and younger siblings. He has always been a little on the mischievous side and has been known to cause trouble at times. This past year, Robert participated in my Passport to Manhood and SMART moves programs and he did really well. Ever since these programs ended I have noticed that his behavior has drastically changed and he has even been going into our Learning Center and getting his homework done before playing! It makes me feel really good and helps me to realize that I can have an impact on these kids’ lives.

  • Julian Alvarado (Sports Lead Staff)


Sabrina has demonstrated love for the club, and has proven to be a great member of my group. She has progressively opened up about how she enjoys being at the club instead of being at home, and that she feels comfortable being herself with us, showing me how beneficial the Boys and Girls Club has been for her life. She initially began attending because her boyfriend was a member of the club before her, and she decided to join him. Since then her boyfriend has left, but Sabrina has remained. She has expressed great joy with her fellow teens in the LGBTQIAP group, often abandoning video games to join them. She has gone as far as to help me with one of my activities because she thought that setting it up was too much for one person to handle. She has been amazing to be around; I look forward to being around such a great teen!

  • Brianna Salsbury (Teen Education Lead)


A youth that I have noticed a huge change with the past few months is Freddy. At the beginning of the new school year I noticed that he was being rude to some kids and was not following the rules. Freddy has become a very sweet boy always willing to participate in many activities in the MAC. He also offers to help with the equipment or clean. Freddy never fails to put a smile on my face and the faces of other kids. It fills my heart with joy knowing that he’s being a good role model to young children but most importantly to his younger sister.

  • Diana Barajas (Youth Sports Staff)