The Voice of the Club - Vol 12

The Voice of the Club – Vol. 15

Daegan is eight years old and has been attending the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada for the past year. He is such a soft spoken and hardworking young man. Each day, Daegan comes into the Tech Center to work on his reading homework for more than the required 20 minutes. Daegan struggles with reading comprehension. Just this past month, Daegan has tremendously improved. With tutoring from staff, he is now able to understand the content in which he reads in order to complete his homework. By encouraging scholastic excellence, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada has given Daegan the extra tools and resources he needs in order to be a successful and productive student.

  • Samantha Byassee (Tech Center Lead)


Brett Anabel and KiLynne Munoz created a YouTube channel. Their channel is a collection of funny personal stories. Brett spent 2 hours in the high tech lab recording and figuring out how to work a program called Adobe Audition. KiLynne animates the stories with our Wacom Tablets inside of Adobe Animate. It’s always rewarding to watch kids take the initiative and make something awesome with the tools we provide for them. It’s harder to teach graphic design/animation in the high tech lab because we’re limited to 3 computers, but throughout the day I would check up on Brett and help him when I could. Ultimately though, it was Brett himself who googled how to get rid of the static on the microphone, how to record, and how to raise the decibels on certain sound frequencies. The Wacom tablets give KiLynne an opportunity to use her talents digitally. She loves coming here and knowing that she can animate and draw on the tablet. If she keeps at it she will only get better and will be able to add another tool to her arsenal. With this technology it really feels like we’re impacting teens and helping them figure out what their passions are. Who knows, maybe Brett and KiLynne are the next generation of Disney animators. 😃

  • Megan Lynch (Teen Arts Coordinator)


One member that I have noticed growth in both mentally and emotionally is a boy named Levi. Levi is 6 years old and has been coming to the club since he was 5. When he first started coming here, I noticed he was always getting into trouble and having an issue with either following the rules, keeping his hands to himself, or respecting other members and staff members. Over the past year or so Levi has gotten attached to a few staff and he is always trying to help clean and help out around the club. When he first started he couldn’t remember much, and now he knows his card number, moms phone number, and multiple staffs’ names. I think having Levi here at the club is very helpful for him as well as his family. He will continue to grow and better his life here at the club.

  • Sierra Machal (Membership Services Lead)