The Voice of the Club - Vol 12

The Voice of the Club – Vol. 14

This summer we got a new member named Brooklyn, she was kind of hard to work with because she didn’t ever really listen. A lot of times she would let her anger get the best of her, which didn’t get her very far. Another staff member and I were asked to be staff she could go to when she felt like hitting kids or being violent in any way. We gave her a spot in the club she could go to when she needed a to calm down, and we gave her paper and crayons so she could draw which was something she loved doing. This idea didn’t really work too well because she would forget where to find me and the other staff member. We came up with a point system where we would document how she was doing throughout the day. If she hit, yelled, or was mean in any way to another kid or staff, she would get points taken off. When she had good behavior she would get points added on. At the end of the week if she had a certain amount of points she would get a treat and be able to participate in water day. This idea didn’t really work all that well either at first. It was hard to get her to check in and be nice to others. Every single day we would continue to log her points and stay on top of it. By the end of the summer Brooklyn would come up to the other staff and remind us to do check ins and she started being nice to kids and staff members. Instead of hitting kids and yelling at them she would tell a staff so she didn’t get in trouble. When school started I didn’t see Brooklyn as much and I always wondered where she was. One day she came to the club and I asked her where she had been and she said that she comes to the club every day. She said that she likes to be good now, and she doesn’t go to Hectors office anymore. I was so proud of her! All Brooklyn is, is good now and it makes me so unbelievably happy. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada really does have its ways of helping whether is the activities, other kids, or the staff. We always find ways to solve problems and come together to make things work out.

  • Chyler Beck (BGCWN Program Staff)


The Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada can have a huge impact on a kid’s life, a perfect example is a kid named Brooklyn. When she first started coming, she was constantly in my office because she was putting her hands on other kids and not listening to the staff. She was having a hard time adjusting to the club environment and making new friends. As a solution we paired her with two staff that could potentially help her make that adjustment and explore all the cool activities the club has to offer. I know we can’t offer that to every kid but we try and work with kids as much as possible. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t quick but she adjusted well and hasn’t been in trouble nearly as much as when she first started. She goes into every room and does as many activities as she can, and we love seeing her smile and enjoy club programming. While she still has her moments Brooklyn has improved immensely and I like to believe the club had a huge part to do with that!

  • Hector Benitez (BGCWN Program Director)


Lilliana is a young girl that has recently started coming to the club around the end of summer break. She has adapted to the club very well, even with her diagnosed condition of severed ADHD. Everyday Lilliana comes to find me so that I can help her get into an activity, which I love because she is a super sweet girl. The club gives her opportunities to do different activities each day, which she loves because she doesn’t get bored. Lilliana is always introducing me to her new friends that she has been hanging out with for that day. I feel that the club gives her a place to be herself, to have fun and learn new things and to make a lot of new positive friends. She always leaves the club with a huge smile on her face and says bye to me and the other staff and my favorite things she says as she leaves is “Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!”.

  • Brianna Alvarado (BGCWN Games Room Lead)