The Voice of the Club - Vol 12

The Voice of the Club – Vol. 13

At the club this week I was able to get a teen to open up to me. Her name is Trinity. Since I started working in the teen center not many teens would approach me and tell me how they feel or how their day was.  This teen has never been shy she was always seemed to be opened to the rest of the staff. One day we decided to sit next to her and I started a conversation, I then noticed that she was having problems with her friends from the club. I asked her if she was okay and what was going on with her and her friends. By starting a conversation with her she was able to trust me and be able to tell me what was going on and how she was feeling. To me this was a really big accomplishment because I think that being there for the teens and gaining their trust is a way we can make a difference for them. That way, when they really need someone to talk to they will come to me. By this I’m not only gaining their trust but also making a connection with them.

  • Sindy Barajas (BGCWN – Teen Program Lead)


The club affects kids in many ways. Lily is an example of how the club made a change for the better in her life. Lily used to be scared and cry and just sit and wait for her mom to come pick her up because she was new to the club and didn’t know many other kids. Over the past couple of weeks, she has gotten to know some other kids and staff at the club. Now Lily is participating everywhere and doing as many activities as she possibly can. Her mom has noticed a difference and thanks the club for the impact.

  • John Artz (BGCWN – Youth Development Professional)


There is a member here at the club named Irie who comes into the Learning Center everyday with her math homework. I always saw her struggle with her homework, but unfortunately she never came up to ask either of the staff in the room for help, until one day she finally got the courage to come up to me and ask for my help. I could immediately see how stressed she was over her math and not being too good at it and I could see the tears welling up in her eyes. It was thanks to the club and the staff here, that she got the help she needed with her math and she is doing much better at it and has grown her confidence when it comes to her school work!

  • Sarah Craik (BGCWN – Learning Center Staff)