The Voice of the Club - Vol 12

The Voice of the Club – Vol. 12

My name is Mikayla. I am a Youth Development Professional at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada – Carson Valley Branch. I have come across many kids from many different situations, but I would like to talk about one specific club member. He would often come to the club after a bad day at school and then misbehave after arriving at the club. Once I became aware of the situation, I decided to try to connect with him every day to see how he was and ask how his day at school went. Now that I have had this daily routine with him, he has begun to show better behavior at the Club. If he had a bad day at school, this routine alloys him to express his feelings and give him a few minutes to create his own ideas to have a better day. Being able to see so many improvements with him; I look forward to coming to work with him every day. Not only do I hope I have made an impact on his life, but I truly hope this will help him at school in the future as well as at the Boys & Girls Club.

  • Mikayla (BGCWN – Carson Valley Site Staff)


Hi, my name is Andrew and I like all of the staff and kids at Boys & Girls Club. My favorite Staff members are Eamon and Zachary because they hang out with me all the time when my friends all go home. The staff at the club make me feel safe because they are there every day for me. I like coming to the club because of the activities. My favorite activities are playing soccer and baseball. When I am older I want to be one of the staff because they are cool and help me be better.

  • Andrew (Member- BGCWN)