BGCWN The Voice of the Club

The Voice of the Club – Vol. 11

I have recently met an incredible young woman by the name of Hailey. For some strange reason, this girl has latched onto me big style this week! She has hardly ever spoken a word to me, nor anyone for that matter. She has friends she hangs with etc… but she’s always been the quiet one. Well, we were all sat at the Mac and she came and sat near me and we just started talking about stuff, next thing I knew she was telling me about her mother passing and living with her aunt and how she always gets into trouble and is shouted at for no apparent reason. I spoke of my own upbringing and told her that when parents shout at you, they are usually (not all the time) behaving only how they know how and sometimes when they themselves are under stress, can take it out on the kids. From that day to now, she won’t leave my side. She wants to hold my hand (really), hug me, stand with me, walk with me… kind of like a needy child. She probably is, regardless of her age. I do not mind at all because I understand although I am still very surprised with how sudden it has come about. She disclosed to me how she wants to be more outgoing like me and I explained to her that when I was young I was very introverted and as a child, I wouldn’t leave my mum’s side! That I use to vomit when I was left at school and how I would never go anywhere (or be allowed to) on my own. I told her about the tools she can use to step out of her comfort zone and gain some confidence – well wow, this week she’s been the loudest kid there and even plucked up the nerve to ask for an application form for employment at the BGCWN. I was so proud of her. Even her brother has started talking to me more. Apparently, her brother Andrew has been quite withdrawn since the loss of his mum; I certainly have noticed how quiet he is, but even he talks to me more now.

  • Janine Harte (Teen Education Lead)


This week has been an incredibly eye opening week as it is the first week of summer. Our staff work endless hours (including personal time) to prepare for our summer program and this summer’s Camp BattleBorn is going to be awesome! It is exciting to hear the excitement from the kids, the praise from the parents and the feedback on social media of all of the engaging things we have planned for the youth this summer. Our Camp BattleBorn program runs Monday-Friday from 7:00am-6:30pm. Our seven programming areas are fully stocked with hand-on and engaging program to keep youth thinking and active all summer long! I am beyond proud to be a part of an organization that does so much for the community and provides a safe place for youth and teens to engage, meet new people/things and just have a GREAT time. I welcome anyone who would like a tour of our youth and teen facilities or would like to talk with me and learn more about what our club has to offer for the youth and teens of Carson City and Carson Valley!

  • Matt Sampson (Director of Operations)