BGCWN The Voice of the Club

The Voice of the Club – Vol. 10

A child that I feel has been impacted by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western is Zayden. When I was an L.I.T. and I first met him he was a shy little boy who would sit alone and play Pokemon and not really talk to anyone but staff. One day he asked me to play Pokemon with him and I said he had to teach me, so he taught me to play and after a while he wanted other kids to play. I told him he had to ask and that I couldn’t do it for him because that would be enabling him. He decided not to ask until a few days later. He invited others to play and he had so much fun and kids started asking him to play more too. I think it helped him be more social and confident and come out of his shell. Every day now I see him playing with all of his new friends!

  • Chyler Beck (Youth Sports Staff)


Thanks to Western Nevada Supply for helping kids to smile like crazy at the club! This year Western Nevada Supply sponsored 75 of our kids to go shopping for Christmas. One of these kids in particular bought a super cool game, shoes, pants, a jacket and she even bought something for her sister. Hearing this conversation of these two kids made me incredibly happy to see the excited faces of the kids and the anticipation they have for Christmas this year.

  • Celia Bravo (Youth Sports Staff)


My name is Jayden and I go to the Carson Valley Boys & Girls Club. The club has been one of the most FANTASTIC places I have gone to. The staff share so much love and care and always put the kids before themselves. At Boys & Girls Club they have a lot of activities like tug-of-war, Water Day, talent shows scavenger hunts, baseball games and many more. One of my favorite things to do here are the talent shows, meeting new people, and showing new members around. One of the best things they have done this year is meeting Mike Tice and the field trips. The club has been a really great place and I enjoy going here.

  • Jayden Vanloozenoord (Carson Valley Site Club Member)