5 Core Programs Areas

In collaboration with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Western Nevada Club offers daily group and individual programs in 5 Core Program Areas.

Samantha Pomeroy gets guitar lessons from staff member Vinny Anderson at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada in Carson Valley, on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. 
Photo by Cathleen Allison

The Arts

Encouraging student creativity using all mediums (pastels, watercolor, clay modeling, etc…).

This year-round program encourages artistic expression among Club members ages 6 to 18 through drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media and sculpture displayed at local and regional exhibits using the interactive National Fine Arts Program Guide.

Allowing youth to express themselves through the performing arts.

Carson City Sheriff’s Deputy Jimmy Surratt and his K9 Ary visit with kids on Heroes Day at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada in Carson City, Nev., on Tuesday, March 8, 2016. The event is part of Boys & Girls Club of America Week which introduces the community to club programs and rewards members with fun activities. 
Photo by Cathleen Allison/Nevada Photo Source

Character & Leadership

Torch Clubs are chartered, small-group leadership and service clubs for boys and girls ages 11 to 13. A Torch Club is a powerful vehicle through which Club staff can help meet the special character development needs of younger adolescents at a critical stage in their life.

The Boys & Girls Club Movement’s ultimate teen program. This unique leadership development experience provides opportunities for young people ages 14 to 18. Youth participate, both in and out of the Club, in activities in three focus areas: academic success, career preparation and community service. With the guidance of an adult advisor, Keystone Clubs aim to have a positive impact on members, the Club and community.

Since 1947, Youth of the Year has been Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s premier recognition program, celebrating the extraordinary achievements of Club teens. Club members who earn the youth of the Year title embody the values of leadership service; academic excellence; and healthy lifestyles.

Aaron West, with Nevada Builders Alliance, talks with Alexis Contreras, 8, left, and Nani Garcilazo, 8, during Heroes Day at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada in Carson City, Nev., on Tuesday, March 8, 2016. 
Photo by Cathleen Allison

Education & Career Development

A program track offered to Club members in partnership with Taco Bell Foundation as an extension of Taco Bell Foundation’s national initiative that provides tools and resources to teens while tracking their progress toward graduation and life goals.

Summer Brain Gain is a fun, educational program that aims to prevent summer learning loss and keep kids on track for the coming school year.

Money Matters promotes financial responsibility and independence among Club members ages 13 to 18. Participants learn how to manage a checking account, create a budget, save and invest, start small businesses and pay for college.

An engaging homework help and tutoring program that encourages Club members at every age to become self-directed learners through the Making Minutes Count program, which provides Club professionals with strategies, activities, resources and information.

A small-group program that is both practical and user friendly, Club members ages 13 to 18 are assisted in exploring a career in youth or human services, particularly Boys & Girls Club work.

Club members dive into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) and complete scientific experiments designed to extend the normal path of thought and allow members to explore their own creativity.

Syndney Piccoli, 7, traces Pearce Basham, 6, during Heroes Day at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada in Carson City, Nev., on Tuesday, March 8, 2016. 
Photo by Cathleen Allison

Health & Life Skills

Consisting of 14 sessions, each concentrating on a specific aspect of character and manhood through highly interactive activities, this program promotes and teaches responsibility in Club boys ages 11 to 14.

An outgrowth of the popular and effective SMART Moves program, SMART Girls is a health, fitness, prevention/education and self-esteem enhancement program for girls ages 8 to 17.

The SMART Moves (Skills Mastery and Resistance Training) prevention/education program addresses problems such as drug and alcohol use and premature sexual activity.

Designed to incorporate healthy living and active learning in every part of the Club experience, Healthy Habits emphasizes good nutrition, regular physical activity and improving overall well-being.

Samantha Pomeroy, 11, left, and Joyie Procaccini, 12, play at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada in Carson Valley, on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. 
Photo by Cathleen Allison

Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Basketball, Dodgeball, Baseball, 4 Square, Tetherball, etc….

A comprehensive health and wellness program, Triple Play strives to improve the overall health of Club members ages 6-18 by increasing their daily physical activity, teaching them good nutrition and helping them develop healthy relationships.

Youth participate in teambuilding activities designed to promote growth, community and conflict resolution.

21st Century Programs

The Carson City School District and Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada are partners in a unique, grant-funded after-school program at three schools in the district, Bordewich-Bray Elementary, Empire Elementary, and Mark Twain Elementary.

Students from these schools are invited to participate in the 21st Century afterschool programs based on test scores, grades and recommendations by teachers. A member of one of these programs will receive help with their academics like reading, math and writing as well as take part in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum, Civics education, and drug and alcohol prevention classes.

The academic portion takes place at each of the schools from 3:15-4:45 PM. During this time, students receive a snack, participate in skill building with their teachers and get help on their homework.

At 4:45, students can ride a bus from each of the schools to Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada for enrichment, including arts, sports, technology and games. This partnership allows for students to reach their full potential academically and socially while still providing a safe environment for them.

If you have questions about any of the after-school programs, please contact Stephanie King at 224-5594.

Bordewich-Bray’s Dolphin Club is the longest running 21st Century program in Carson City School District, and was chosen as the top elementary 21st Century program in the nation in 2011!

Beginning in 2002 with a small group of students for an hour after school a few days a week, the program has grown to serve nearly 100 students in 3rd through 5th grades each year.

Today, the program provides a morning homework program for students as well as the hour and a half after school for academic skill building.  Students work in small groups with a certified teacher on math, reading and writing skills four days per week. They also participate in science outreach provided by the University of Nevada, Reno Cooperative Extension, science and cultural activities at Nevada State Museum, and arts at Brewery Arts Center on a monthly basis.

Dolphin Club has an average of 60-65 students per day.

Since 2013, X-Factor has taken place at Empire Elementary School. The program has a morning homework club where students can get extra help with their reading and math.  In the afternoon, 3rd through 5th grade students work on specific skills relating to reading and math. Students also get science curriculum from the University of Nevada, Reno Cooperative Extension, art from Brewery Arts Center, science and cultural activities from Nevada State Museum, music and tennis lessons.

X-Factor averages 50-60 students per day.

S.O.A.R., Supporting Our Academics Responsibly, is the after-school program at Mark Twain Elementary School and is the newest program in the district.

Students are hand-chosen by teachers to receive academic help.  All students do online programs in the computer lab that support the school-day curriculum as well as small group instruction by certified teachers every day.  The University of Nevada, Reno Cooperative Extension provides science activities weekly.

S.O.A.R. has an average of over 75 students per day.

Staffer Ines Castellanos helps members make capes on Heroes Day at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada in Carson City, Nev., on Tuesday, March 8, 2016. 
Photo by Cathleen Allison